Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Here's to my very first TEASER TUESDAY! I'm so amped to share this with you all because I love this whole scene so much. It's really when you first get a good glimpse at Jhett and his sarcasm and there are times where I feel as frustrated as Charlie is with him!

I walked a few more steps until the feeling of being watched overwhelmed me. “WHAT?” I whirled around ready to strike. What was this guys problem?

He was leaning against a brick wall that led into a small alley I was hoping he wouldn’t pull me into. One leg was crossed in front of the other, resting his toe on the ground. He tilted his head and gave me the same, quirky, smirk that was already growing on me. “Oh by all means, keep going.” He teased.

“Fine. I will.” I didn’t have to put up with this from some guy I didn’t even know. Why did Cameron even hang out with these people? None of them had any manners. Slow footsteps interrupted my internal rant.

“But if you’re going to walk the wrong way, at least let me follow you in case the Goblin King decides to come out and take you back to his Labyrinth” He chuckled, obviously amused by his not so witty sense of humor.

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