Tuesday, March 26, 2013


I know I had said that in the next few weeks I was going to start introducing the characters to you all. But I really wanted to make sure they were ready for their grand appearance so maybe next week one of them will show up? A certain fiery red head has been wanting to show her face around here for a while now!

Anyway, I have another little excerpt for you from Promise Me This. I've decided to heat things up just a little and show off one of my favorite scenes. Charlie is being her sassy self and Jhett is nothing but smoldering moves in return.

I threw my feet back down on the floor and ran out the bedroom door into the hall. “How come I get the twin bed and you get the deluxe luxury size bed?” My accent was thick tonight, surprising even myself when I heard it. I threw my hip out with my hand resting just at my waist.
Jhett stopped where he stood in front of the fridge, starring at me with wide eyes. “Well we can switch rooms if you want….” His voice was soft, just low enough that I could barely hear him.
I huffed. “Quit acting like a gentleman and just tell me its okay to stay with you.” I shouted at him, frustration lingering in my voice.
Jhett continued to stare, making my stomach churn with instant regret. I had pushed too far. “You know what? You really know how to drive me crazy.” He replied as he closed the gap between us, backing me up against the hallway wall. Gathering both my wrists in one hand above my head, he pressed them into the hard wall behind me. “Maybe I should get your riled up more often. I like it when your accent comes through like that.” His breath was warm as he spoke into my ear. All my emotions from earlier flowed out of my body with his touch, my mind only focusing on him.

“It’s not polite to say stuff like that to your roommate.” I arched my back against the wall, attempting to get as close to him as possible.

A stifled laugh came from Jhett, who was holding me hostage with little effort. “Charlie, I think we passed roommates a while ago.” He gave me one quick tease of a kiss on my lips. Just as I was about to give in, he pulled away.
“Then what are we?” It was a question I needed answered even though I didn’t mean to ask it. It just came out as the thought ran through my mind.

HMMM. What are they is such a hard question to answer! What comes next in the fun part though. I'll warn you though, you'll most likely need a fan to get through it! 

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