Sunday, April 7, 2013

Early Birthday Presents - For Me AND You!

It's April! Which is an exciting months for me because it's my birthday month! Now, I'm not one of those people who go crazy celebrating my birthday all month. In fact, I am that person who mentions it maybe once all year and then enjoys a nice dinner with family and friends on my birthday. I'm content with that. Presents make me nervous. I love giving presents but receiving them is always so weird for me! It may be my anxiety making me feel awkward about it but I always feel like everyone is staring and waiting to see if I love it or not, which if you know me, you would know that I seriously love EVERYTHING I get. I've never received a gift that I felt wasn't awesome. I even love simple cards and never throw them away (don't go looking in my closet. It's like a card and letter graveyard). 

Well this year I turn twenty-five and I already feel like one lucky girl this month. The only thing I wish I could change is the fact that my husband is still away and can't celebrate with me but he will be home within the next few months and I know we will have one giant celebration! That being said - I've already been spoiled this year. My mom sent me my presents first and she absolutely blew me away! I got two really awesome gifts from her. 

The first one was PINK Clarisonic. She has raved about hers for a while and I was on the fence about it. But she offered to get one for my birthday and I tried it and I'm pretty sure I don't know how I ever lived without it. Fresh skin here I come! 

The next present she sent my way might have made me cry. I've been working on a fairly decent HP laptop my husband and I bought a few years ago. Recently thought, it's been going haywire on me. And by haywire, I mean fricken nuts. That's when this beauty came into my life.Is it possible to fangirl over an inanimate object? Because that would make me feel so much better about the love I feel for this beautiful electronic device that is sitting in front of me. This brand new MacBook Pro is MINE! Did I mention how much I love it? I even decked her (yes, she's obviously a girl) in some pink and she couldn't look more perfect. EEK! I've been having so much fun learning the Mac ways so expect some more blogs on YouTube coming soon!

My next early birthday gift came from Cathleen (who I mentioned in my previous blog post). She has been telling me she ordered my gift from Etsy for weeks and I knew I would love it instantly. For future reference, I'm an Etsy addict. But anyway, I honestly thought it would have something to do with cupcakes and when she gave me a cute little bag yesterday and I opened it up - I almost cried. I couldn't believe how amazingly thoughtful and sweet this little gift was!  Seriously, this girl just made me melt! She even said that she made sure to make it a stackable ring so that when I wrote more books I can add more rings. The support alone makes her an awesome friend but this gift kind of gave her a boost, too. Good thing her birthday isn't until the end of the year so I have time to plan something equally as thoughtful! 

What other things are in store for my very special birthday month?

Well I have some gift for you guys. Obviously, the cover is a huge gift and if you haven't heard....TOMORROW is cover shoot day! Holy moly! Who knew it was so soon? The second gift I have for you is on my actual birthday - April 14th - I will be releasing my blurb to the world! I've been hard at work perfecting my little labor of love and I can't wait to see what everything thinks! 

Now I'm off to enjoy the gorgeous 75+ degree weather we have been blessed with the past few days. The puppies and I are hanging out in the backyard all day. Hopefully they will sleep well tonight. 

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