Monday, April 15, 2013


The very first character from Promise Me This I want to officially introduce to you is Ginger. 

The best way to describe Ginger is like a sour patch kid - One moment she's super sweet and the next she's biting your head off for something you didn't even know you did wrong. She's got that element of surprise with her personality so you'll never know what side of her you will get. The same goes for her physical looks. She's a girly girl who's shorter than the average person but don't let that fool you! She will be the first person to throw down in a fight.

Ginger is the oldest of the characters and although she may think she's the wiser one, she's not. She's a ticking time bomb of emotions waiting to explode. She tends to bottle up her emotions deep down inside of her and as you may know, that's never a good thing to do.

This doesn't mean that she doesn't have a fun side in her. She calls things how she seems them and isn't afraid to voice her opinion about it. She's always looking for a good party and knows how to enjoy herself. She is constantly the center of attention - dancing, singing, and sometimes drinking. This combination has been known to get her into trouble a few times, but it's nothing she can't sweet talk her way out of.

Here's Ginger's playlist for you two enjoy. She's got a pretty epic mish-mash of moods going on here, I'd say.

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