Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day

Today is Mother's Day and a day that is very bittersweet to me. Each year I battle the scale of emotions that I feel - happy, sad, bitter, envious, anger, frustration, love, hope, appreciate, and sometimes as much as I don't like to admit it...hate. These are normal human emotions and I accept that I don't feel this way all the time. But it is days like today that I do.

Today is my third Mother's Day as an angel momma. I won't get into too much detail, but I do want you to know that my husband and I have two brilliant babies up in heaven. Each year we celebrate Mother's and Father's day the same way parents who have their children here on Earth do. My love as a mother started the moment I held those positive tests in my hands and my love for them will never fade away. Each year, I'm honored to be included in people's Mother's Day wishes. It means more than you can imagine to be included in such a wonderful day.

I know many people don't know what to say to parents who have lost a child, whether it was before they go to hold them in their arms or after they had already made their appearance. I can't speak for every angel mom, but for most, just saying Happy Mother's Day or that you're thinking of of us is enough. We became a mother the instant we found out about our babies, but just because they are no longer in our arms, doesn't mean we stopped being a mother.

So thank you to those who think of every type of mother on a day like today! I was overwhelmed with the people who sent me messages, tagged me on facebook, and called or sent a text. You are awesome. You made this mama happy. And thank you to my husband, who every year, makes it a point to make sure I feel special and celebrated. You are my hero, too, babe.

I also wanted to share a few other things with you. I participated in an eco-friendly world-wide balloon release. This was the first I had done it and the experience was amazing for me. We sent up two balloons and I can't begin to explain the feelings that came with watching them float away.

Another thing I wanted to share with you is this video I made for my mom. I'm sure if you have been around me in Facebook land that you have seen my mom comment and posting things on my page. She's amazing. In fact, I think she's going to try and make it to Indie Girl Con in February 2014 so if you go, you get to meet her, too!

She has been a constant driving force in my life since I was a little girl. Sure, we had our rocky moments, but most of my memories are great ones. We tried really hard this month to get together (she is still in CA while I am in TN) and things happen where we just couldn't pull it off. One day I was thinking of all these random memories I have with her and they kind of blossomed into a video idea. So enjoy this little ditty I made called Things I learned from my Mother.

I hope all of you enjoyed your day, Mother or not. Thanks everyone for your continued love and support in every aspect of my life!

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