Monday, May 20, 2013


Well last week you had a  chance to see Jhett pull some moves on Charlie. This week it's her turn to make him melt.
       Jhett was panting, both his arms now placed on either side of me on the counter.  Mine had found their way around his shoulders, twirling the hair I could grasp in between my fingers as I kissed my way from the collar of his plain white signature tee up his neck and to his swollen lips.    
   “Charlie, are you sure you’re okay with this?  We can stop.  We can go back to how things were going to be.”  He leaned back just out of my reach, putting the brakes on my trails of kisses.  When I saw the conflicted look on his face, my heart sank.      
 I pulled his hand from beside me and placed it on my chest, my heart beating so fast, I knew he couldn’t deny what I was about to say.  “Do you feel that?  No one has ever made my heart race like that before.”  I left my hand on top of his, my fingers still tracing every inch of skin I could touch.  “So don’t tell me we can go back to how things were before.  I don’t want to.  I want whatever we are now, right in this moment.”   
       A smile that I couldn’t stop, even if I’d tried, crept onto my lips; my words surprised not only Jhett, but myself as well.  I’d never been one to jump into things with both feet.  I’d always held back in the past, but right now, I felt like I would hate myself forever if I let him walk away and think that I didn’t want this too.  That I didn’t need this.
       Jhett’s free hand swept the rogue hairs that had fallen in my face and pushed them behind my ear.  He leaned forward with ease and placed his warm lips against my forehead.  That one single, tender action just added fuel to the fire inside me.

Well, well, well. We're getting closer to release date. There's only three Tuesdays left after today. I'm starting to go into some sort of shock, I think. I'm getting feedback from Beta's and strangers are getting excited to read Promise Me This. I think that's what is blowing my mind the most! I just can't believe it sometimes. Tomorrow, and every Wednesday until release day, I'm going to be featuring a character on the blog, kind of like how I did with Ginger. I think that's be fun to put a face to the names and get to know them a little before you meet them.

Also, enjoy the little extra picture. I really love with one of Charlie, even though you can only see her eyes peeking over Jhett's shoulder, something about those eyes will get ya!

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