Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Who's that Wednesday - Meet Charlie

So the time has finally come to introduce everyone to our two main characters, Charlie & Jhett. Sticking with the tradition of ladies first, I would like to introduce you to Miss Charlotte Caroline Jennings, but that's just Charlie to all of you.

Charlie is your typical southern girl, except she has parents who suffocate her like nobody's business. She grew up riding horses and minding her manners, all under the watchful eye of her mother. The only solace she had was her brother, Cameron, who let her escape into their imaginary worlds when they were younger.

There's an internal battle raging inside of her, though. She's stuck somewhere between making her parents proud by doing what they want and experiencing the freedom of living her own life away from the restrictions and expectations. Charlie's heart is pure, leaving her to be perceived as naive, but she's a fighter and constantly proving her resiliency.

Jhett thinks of her as being all that is good in life, and I think that describes her perfectly. Charlie carries with her an feeling of wholesomeness and light; where she goes, good things happen. But not every good thing can last forever. She is faced with troubles and decisions that will attempt to break her delicate heart. Even though she's a fighter, sometimes you have to figure out if what you love is worth fighting for.

You can enjoy Charlie's playlist below!

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