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This blog post is going to be a doozy, so sit back and prepare for the glorious ride. 

Today is Charlie's birthday! If you've read Promise Me This, you know she's a very low-key birthday person, but since I am partially responsible for that, I say we get a little crazy today. I have a few big announcements regarding the series, as well as a big giveaway planned for reaching 500 fans on Facebook.

I've received a TON of Facebook and Goodreads messages, along with emails and some tweets about Promise Me This. I just have to say KEEP THEM COMING. I love getting the chance to hear what you think about interact with you guys. But I have notice two fairly common themes...


Well, I plan to answer those questions for you today, but I also think book two needs a title. Well, I one have one in mind and I think it's pretty epic. It has been floating around in my head and teasing me. Are you ready? Are you totally dying yet?


Do you love it? Do you hate it? Are you as excited as am I? Because now I'm dying to get this one out there and share a little more in depth the love that is Charlie and Jhett. 

So, now onto some questions, I suppose. 

THE CLIFFHANGER. I know the ending is a huge topic for a lot of people. Spoiler alert: It ends in a cliffhanger. Not this is where I have to giggle a little, because when I wrote it, I honestly never thought to myself "Oh, I'm going to end this with a cliffhanger and make everyone wait months to find out what happened." Really, I didn't. I remember writing that final scene and smiling while I stared at the computer screen in front of me (through tears, because I pretty much cried from Chapter Twenty until the end) and thinking "Oh my gosh. THAT'S it. THAT'S the ending I've been looking for!"

Because you know what, I never knew when Promise Me This was going to end. I'm a type-what's-in-my-heart kind of girl and I knew the events that would lead to the end, but I didn't know when I would actually stop their story. In fact, Promise Me This was originally a single novel (GASP. I know, right? My head would be flying everywhere if I left it at one, I think!) until my beta's starting asking me for more and Charlie and Jhett wouldn't leave me alone in my head. Seriously, they invaded my dreams. They weren't done. They had so much more to tell the world and I couldn't give up on them like that.

I don't want to spoil the ending for anyone, but if you haven't read it and are kind of iffy just because of the cliffhanger, I hope you read it anyway. One of the themes throughout the book is hope and in my mind, that is conveyed through both Jhett and Charlie all the way until the very last sentence. They're fighters and are strong, and I urge you to really grab onto that and feel what they feel in those last few chapters, and hold the same type of hope until Promise Me Forever comes out. Take a leap of faith and trust me on this one, if Charlie and Jhett can trust me with their story, you can trust me with book two.

RELEASE DATE. So, for this question, you get your answer and then an extra answer for reading all of this. I have big dreams and that means big goals. By the end of 2013, I want to release two more books, one of them being Promise Me Forever. The other one will be the first in a Fantasy series that for now, has been dubbed "The Changers Series," but that is subject to change. So if you see me mention that, now you're in the loop of what the heck I'm referring to. That leaves us with the original question, how fast can I get this baby out to you. 

Promise Me Forever will release in 
WINTER 2013 

So you know, SOON. Not like, next month soon, but hey it's not like years and years soon. And since I'm self-published, it means that I can go as fast or slow as I like. Being an Indie author isn't always a bad thing. I've had a ton of comments saying how "they have to wait almost a year for the next one." Well, guess what? Not from me. I love these characters too much to torture you all like that. And if you're interested in the Changers Series, I will be letting some info out about that in the next month or so, too.

Now for the fun stuff....GIVEAWAY! This is going to be a HUGE one. And there's kind of some crazy extra entires. As always, the only one you have to do is a question, but after that, the fun stuff happens. And I'm feeling extra give-away-y so, if you get super creative, who knows what else I will have up my sleeve. Let's make this a celebration Charlie would blush over and go crazy!

Here's a little extra info just in case there's some confusion. I learned about what an annotated copy is this weekend at UtopYA (recap post to come) and I knew I needed to make this happen. It's where I go through the paperback and leave little notes and things all throughout the book. This is fun. I have so much randomness to let out, and I hope someone wants to know it! So I'm giving that away. I also had a shirt design made up, which I will reveal on Facebook.

As for the entries, there's one where I ask for a picture of you with the cover. Let's have fun with this. Take a picture of you with either a e-copy or a paperback of the cover and post it to my Facebook page. I want to see and share these. Get silly. Get funny. Get creative. I may even post one of me! READY GO!

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