Monday, October 28, 2013

Promise Me Forever Blurb

"We were two broken souls who had lost, loved, and lost again. But we had one thing that most people lacked – hope. Everyone needs a reason to keep going. He just happened to be mine."

Charlie Jennings and Jhett Hudson can sum up their summer the same way: It began and ended with tragic losses that not only brought them together, but almost tore them apart. 

After deciding California is where she’s meant to be, Charlie throws herself back into school and helping Jhett at The Voodoo Kitchen. Yet despite her best efforts, Jhett sees right through her act. Charlie continues to bottle up her emotions and push away the people around her, including him, the only person who shares the same pain. 

When he feels her slipping away from him for a second time, Jhett arranges a trip to Charlie’s hometown in hopes that being around family will bring back her fiery spirit he loves. What he didn’t expect was to have their relationship put to the test again when Jhett is forced to battle the demons that haunt his past while Charlie reevaluates her family’s expectations of her future. Together they must decide if forever is what they really want.

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