Thursday, April 3, 2014

#atozchallenge Day 3: Confessions of a Self-Proclaimed Nerd

Confessions of a Self-Proclaimed Nerd

Here's a shocker...I'm a nerd. I have been my whole life, although sometimes I didn't realize it and other times I was too scared to admit it. But now, I'm really glad I'm nerd. That little nugget from John Green over there is like, my life. If this is the way nerds are, every cell in my body wears wears a cloak, round glasses, and has a lightening bolt shaped scar on it's little cell forehead.


I am a nerd and I have some confessions to make. 

  • I don't have cable, but I will stay up until 2AM when TV shows go live on Hulu from the following day so I can watch my the newest episode of my favorite shows on the 'same day' as everyone else.
  • I would most likely be in Gryffindor...but there's a strong part of me that feels I could end up in Slytherin, too. 
  • I am a die hard Vampire Diaries fan.
  • To go with the above...I have always and will always continue to be Team Delena. 
  • I may have cried at the 'Sorry I'm Not Sorry' scene. And then cried multiple times after that when I re-watched it...over and over.
  • I also ship Klaroline and Haylijah. HARD
  • I can't get into Doctor Who.
  • I have read an entire book trilogy from beginning to end in a one day sitting. 
  • I enjoy reading fanfiction.
  • I may be the only person on this planet who is a fan of Joffrey Baratheon.
  • I'm still waiting on my owl and Hogwarts acceptance letter.
  • When I was younger, I used to pretend I was in the musical Cats. I was the Magical Mr. Mistoffelees.
  • I thoroughly enjoy watching hours upon hours of past and present panels that feature  from different convensions and festivals about my 
  • I am the same age as Harry Potter. I grew up each year with those three. They were some of my best friends.
  • I used to play Final Fantasy IX. When I stopped, I started writing in RPG forums instead.

This is just a teeeeeeny list of my nerdy confessions. Please share in the fun and confess some of yours! 

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