Thursday, May 22, 2014

Rebel Souls BLURB

Ask and you shall receive. 

I've been teasing and teasing and teasing you for months now. I think it's finally time to see the blurb to what I've been working on. With every word I write I fall deeper in love with the story and the characters. It's one that has encompassed my entire mind. I need this story like it needs me to write it. 
And I can't wait to share it with you.

The blurb for Rebel Souls....

Elias Anderson believes he is righting the wrongs of the world. 
As a member of the Rebel Souls, a self-appointed vigilante group whose only goal is to take down those who prey on the innocent, he is trained to kill or be killed.

Claire Olsen wants revenge. 
After being attacked and left for dead, she is forced to watch her sister’s kidnapping. When the police refuse to pursue the case, she decides the only thing left to do is to take matters into her own hands, even if that means becoming a Rebel herself.

He didn’t believe she stood a chance in his cutthroat world. She refused to follow any of his rules. But when the truth about her sister's disappearance is uncovered, the plan changes. 

The line between right and wrong will be blurred. Blood will be shed. And the guilty will pay.

Rebel Souls (A Saints & Sinners Novel)

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