Jhett Mafia Street Team

Hey lovelies!! Just a page dedicated to my STREET TEAM!! I know I have a ton of you that are awesome and I love you so much, so if you want to join my crazy family and be a part of the #JhettMafia, this the place for you. 

A little info for anyone who doesn't know what a street team consists of. It's basically a rally team, but I consider it an extended family! It's a chance for me to get to know you guys as well as giving you the chance to help spread the word about Promise Me This and other upcoming books AND be in the know first. You will be the first to see covers, know news before I release it to everyone else, and also just be able to give your opinions as well. I love to post exclusive teasers and rhere may even be some fun contests!

Here's the sign up form if you are interesting in joining. Nothing is required of you once you are in except to have fun and enjoy yourself. 

I hope to see many of you there soon!!! I love my readers so much and I've been a member of other authors street teams before and it's such a cool experience!

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I wouldn't be here without all the people who have been standing on the sidelines and cheering for me - whether it was from the very beginning or somewhere random in between.  I appreciate each and every person who has been there for me in some big or small way.  These are just a few people who deserve a little mention for whatever reason.

Where would a girl be without her mom?  She's been my biggest supporter since before I could even write my own name and nothing has changed since then.  It's pretty amazing!  Now let's convince her to get a twitter so we can harass her there!

Sometime along this crazy journey, a few of us girls bonded over a mutual love for a few certain characters in The Premonition Series by Amy Bartol.  We're the most random mix of debut authors and seasoned bloggers and I wouldn't change it for anything!  We have a 24/7 group chat open on facebook and we pop in throughout the day and chit-chat, ask advice, and share ideas.  It's something else!

These ladies have been a lovely support group and even more amazing is their opinions and suggestions make what I write so much better! They understand me and my characters and I cherish every one of them! THANK YOU Karen McIntosh, Kayla Hargaden, Bieke Paesen, Shona Lawrence, Kellee Fabre, and Ren Reidy.  

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